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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting the Right Price for Your Home

One of the most important things when you put your house on the market is getting the right price. Many things are to be considered even before deciding if your house is worth a certain amount. It is difficult to accept a certain value especially if you think, as an owner, that value is too low. Here’s some information that you will need to get a idea of the real estate market:

Check on current market trends of real estate

Here, “current” means within the last three months. Not because a house that is the same as yours sold at a high price a year ago, it would also mean you can still sell for that value. Houses decrease in value very quickly and market values also change dependently on a multitude of factors. Be sure to consult a full-service real estate professional to determine the right and accurate value of your home. They would usually show you a current list of the prices of houses similar to your home and that would give you an accurate view of the market trends.

Be clear on Regional Appreciation

Not because the real estate market has fallen in the last two to three years, can you just accept a lower price for your home. Markets all over the country have differences in the increase or decrease of market values for houses. With this in mind, you should check on the surrounding areas around your home to understand the changes. This is especially true if your house has been bought a few years ago. It is best to consult professionals on the realistic gains and loss of the value of your house in the last few years.

First impressions last

When you have set a price for your home, any available buyer would like to see that whatever you are offering is up to what you want for the asking price. A good thing to do is to prep up your home even before you list it. Start by working on the outside by simply mowing the lawn, trimming trees and cleaning up the yard. You can repaint exterior walls and brighten up the interior by minimizing clutter and working on light neutral colors.

Make your own Full Inspection

Even if it has been your home for many years, it is still possible that repairs will be needed for certain parts. A house that requires too many repairs might not come out as marketable real estate. Repair any problems that can be dealt with immediately like simple plumbing problems, gutter repairs or worn out paint. Make a report of things that would be harder to repair so that you can be clear to your prospective buyers. Better yet, get a pre home inspection and repair items prior to listing.

You can give a copy of the home inspection to any prospective buyers along with a copy of the completed repairs.

Work on “Seller’s Contributions”

Working with professional real estate agent can help you obtain buyers without lowering your house’s value. Special arrangements can be made to add “sweet deals” to your house sale.

These are just a few things to consider for getting the right price for your house. Always make sure that you consult a professional on the real estate market just to make sure that you get your investment’s worth. In the end, the only thing you need to worry about is how to invest what you’ve earned into something better.

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