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Monday, May 03, 2010

Unexpected Home Showing Visit? Patch Things Up In Only 2 Minutes!

It is bound to happen sooner or later. Even if you normally follow a very neat and organized lifestyle, there are those short moments when your house is simply a mess and an eyesore.

And when it is within that messy-house hour that the phone rings and the guy on the other line delivers the bad news saying, ‘we will be there in two minutes’, time just seems to stop and you just know you are in for a major social humiliation.

Well, humiliation may be too much of a word but it can definitely end that way. So to avoid this from happening, there are sure ball ways to get your home fixed in only two minutes time. Now give yourself and your guests that much deserved reception even when time seemed to have gone against you. Here is how.

Step One: Just Calm Down!

Seriously, panicking will bring you nowhere but only deliver you to a fast-forwarded ruin. So what you should do in emergency times like this one is to take a deep gasp, and then calm down. You can keep in control better when you are not going haywire.

Step Two: Quick Browse And Delegate

Now that you are calm, take a quick look at the house. React by instinct and ask yourself what needs to be fixed and how. And then immediately designate each person within the house to a different task. Be in control, and be authoritative. You will want an air of command here.

Step 3: Make Quick Fixes

Alright, admit it, you do not have much time. So what you really need to do is patch things up. You will hide defects rather than really fix them. Here are some tips on how to make quick and emergency patches.

1. Pile laundry in a basket and cover up the mess with a towel or a piece of cloth. You only need to keep the top part proper to hide the ugliness beneath.

2. Do not bother with the thorough cleaning of dirty surfaces like the table mess after dinner. Just wipe the dirt away with a piece of cloth and spray a freshener or a perfume to hide the smell. You can also use lemon extract.

3. If something is dirty, then just remove it. For example, if you failed to replace your dirty curtains with a clean one, then replacing it now could waste precious time. So just remove them, open the windows and let in some light.

4. As for dirty dishes, just do a quick rinsing of the solid dirt, dry them quickly with a towel, and hide them ‘neatly’ in a cabinet somewhere. But if you have enough people, proper washing should be a good idea.

5. Do on-the-spot cleaning. Instead of sweeping and mopping the entire floor area and other dirty places, just handpick dirt and do spot cleaning. So if there is a dark spot on the floor, only mop that area and look for other spots.

And there you go! You should have a properly patched up place by now. But of course, this is only temporary. Make sure keep things straight as soon as your guests leave. And try not to make a habit of doing this when it is not needed.

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