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Doreen Drew is a preeminent negotiator dominating by far her industry and field of expertise. As the sole principal at Coldwell Banker Daisy Mountain Real Estate, a firm that caters to the haves and wants of an international upscale clientele in the greater Phoenix, Carefree & Scottsdale areas and in particular the award winning planned community of Anthem located in North Phoenix. Ms. Drew is recognized by the real estate community, as one of its most successful and outstanding professionals.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Kitty Kitty Coki Kitty

Now there are three. Burmese cats that is. For those of you unfamiliar with the breed, they are small short hair and bred to be ornaments in ancient palaces. Big eyes and very friendly, the original 'lap cats'. The very best thing about them is they love each other so much. They sleep in a pile, they play with each other and any old thing around the house, a pen or pencil, scrap of paper. My favorite color is sable. According to what the breeders say it's the original color, then there is champagne and platinum. I've heard stories they were killed centuries ago for their coats. Who knows how true that is. Also, heard when a litter didn't have all sable colored, the lighter colored ones were put to sleep as undesirable. Regardless, they are so loving to everyone and just plain fun to be around. Yes, they are expensive. My entire family can't believe I would spend the money. They are so worth it :) The new one is name for Coki Beach in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. He's the same color of the sand there.


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